New projects – new website

I recently (Dec 2017) decided a new website was required.

So as a first Phase zero I will create some posts based on current projects and feedback from ongoing projects.

Also WordPress is now so very widely used that sites can appear in almost any format – ranging from from the very dull, to forgotten or neglected or retro right through to bewilderingly contemporary and could be all-most all-things to all-people so I will outline for the Chris Jonze project how I see it.

I also like the idea of a WordPress site or suite of sites to illustrate how WordPress and the resulting sites work. So duplication of links and navigation may be a design feature and an intention. If the design is too clever the user may just not get it.

After-all the size of screen, the colour reproduction and authenticity, the resolution even the integrity of the viewers eyesight or contact lenses or eye-ware is not known. Is the viewer passing through, curious, a rival or competitor looking for something specific they have a link to.

As the range of technical platforms grows so does the use of news and pseudo news sites, commerce and function sites. Find things, refer to things, link to things and all the while robots gather our electronic trails with a view to monetising the data or information if they can.



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