Broadband – how it get what you pay for..

There are several ways you might be able to receive broadband into your home or office. The most common method is over ypour phone line. BT open reach KCOM: Broadband Internet and Phone in Hull & East Riding

New projects – new website

I recently (Dec 2017) decided a new website was required. So as a first Phase zero I will create some posts based on current projects and feedback from ongoing projects. Also WordPress is now so very widely used that sites can appear in almost any format – ranging from from […]

When WiFi is not the same as wired

I don’t  yet know ALL the reasons, indeed I may never know all the reasons, but the download speed using WiFi and wired (we will talk about wired later) might vary and you wont know unless you test your connection.  

Dell plugged NOT charging

Plugged in NOT charging

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